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[audio]Quantum Demo - Quantum
Quantum 5 song demo. 2008.
Keywords: Quantum
Downloads: 450 (1 review)
[audio]quantum - quantum
Keywords: quantum
Downloads: 221
[texts]High End Functionality and Features of Quantum 140 CPUs
The functionality which is supported by the support of the Quantum CPUs and Quantum 140 is that they do have two Modbus RS 232 ports where some of it are with 67160 processors. http://www.mroelectric.com
Keywords: Quantum 140; Quantum CPUs
Downloads: 26
[texts]Chaos, dissipation, arrow of time, in quantum physics (Volume NIST Technical Note 1403) - Danos, Michael.

Keywords: Quantum chaos; Quantum theory
Downloads: 28
[audio]IUMA: Quantum Deluxe
Artist history The concept of Quantum Deluxe was concieved in early 1997, by its two original members, and the band was established shortly after. The band now consists of four members, Durell Thaw, Mangle, DJ Madds & Letch Fester. Their style is best described as futuristic, deepcore techno-zen based hip-hop.Quantum Deluxe is now well established as one of the front runners of the Bristol hip-hop scene, and are recognised for their diverse styles, and have been acclaimed for their experimentati...
Keywords: Quantum Deluxe
Downloads: 9
[texts]quantumcon quantumcon quantumcon quantumcon quantumcon
Quantum Confidence Quantum Confidence Quantum Confidence Quantum Confidence Quantum Confidence
Keywords: Quantum Confidence
Downloads: 1
[audio]IUMA: Quantum Source
QS has been mostly a bedroom project. There has been some remix work done to and from a few other artists. A spinoff project called A.R.S.E. was formed a while back with intentions of making a more Goa eastern sound, but then emerged back to a more industrial EBMish slash Drum & Base feel. There has been a couple net broadcasts. One live club gig, and more gigs coming soon. Hopeing to eventually get played on a broader medium such as movie tracks, TV advertisment, video games, or all of the abov...
Keywords: Quantum Source
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: Quantum Flux
A variety of writing styles, mainly in the Trance genré, some fast, some slow, some downright crazy, convention is there to be broken!! Helping others realise their potential is someting that gives me both inspiration and the dedication to carry on, this my friends is my dedication to you........enjoy the music!!
Keywords: Quantum Flux
Downloads: 17
[texts]Quantum Electronics Multibustimerskeeptabsonu Cs OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 5
This is a mp4 video on Quantum Physics
Keywords: Quantum Physics
Downloads: 6
[texts]What is quantum computer, ? - shamiul islam
Nobel prize2012 , the world most prestigious prize in this planet is given two scientists for giving new concept of quantum optics that is most valuable to invent quantum computer. This quantum computer is totally different from modern computer that we used now-a days for this Nobel prize2012 is given for. Modern digital computer performs task on the data that must be represented in a binary form such as 0 and 1in which change our view and got the prize ...
Keywords: quantum computer
Downloads: 35
[texts]Introduzione al quantum computing - Marco Ivaldi
Il Quantum Computing nasce dall�unione tra Teoria dell�Informazione classica, Informatica e Fisica Quantistica. Questo breve e-book vuole essere un�introduzione al Quantum Computing e all�argomento molto vasto della nuova Teoria dell�Informazione Quantistica. La cosa che stupisce maggiormente � che la Teoria dell�Informazione e la Meccanica Quantistica si sposano in effetti molto bene, dando vita ad interessanti implicazioni...
Keywords: Quantum Computing
Downloads: 11
[texts]Quantum mechanical calculations of the second virial coefficients for hydrogen (Volume NBS Technical Note 412) - Boyd, Marjorie E.; Larsen, Sigurd Y.
Quantum mechanical second virial coefficients of dilute ortho and para hydrogen have been calculated for the case of a Lennard-Jones potential.These computations cover the tempera * ture range from 0 K to 80 K.Special attention is paid to the behaviour of
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 23
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBX-PCC Parallel IO Clock And Julian Calendar User Manual OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 15
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBX-MSP Multi Serial Port User Manual OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 10
[texts]Quantum Electronics Product Summary

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 5
[texts]Problems in quantum theory of many-particle systems - Hove, L. van
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 9
[texts]Control Theory: From Classical to Quantum Optimal, Stochastic, and Robust Control - M.R. James
Contents: Deterministic Dynamic Programming and Viscosity Solutions; Stochastic Control; Robust Control; Optimal Feedback Control of Quantum Systems; Optimal Risk-Sensitive Feedback Control of Quantum Systems. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID2207 Obtained from http://users.cecs.anu.edu.au/~Matthew.James/pubs/qc-summer-school-2005-james.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=2207
Keywords: Quantum Control
Downloads: 21
[texts]Quantum Electronics Using Microprocessorsto Learn About Their Environment OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 9
[texts]Many- body Perturbation Theory of Molecules - S. WILSON
This article is concerned with the application of the many-body perturbation theory to arbitrary molecular systems. Recent work shown has that this technique can be at least as if not more accurate than other techniques currently employed in the study of molecular electronic structure. The method is probably computationally more efficient than other schemes and certainly has a number of theoretical properties which make its use attractive...
Keywords: Quantum Chemistry
Downloads: 44
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBX-MSP-CONRS232D Type Connectors For The QBX-MSP User Manual OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 18
[texts]The quantum theory - Reiche, F. (Fritz), 1883-1969
"Mathematical notes and references": p. 127-180
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 634
[texts]Molecular multipole moments and their performance in the self-consistent reaction field model - Zheng, Xuehe
Keywords: Quantum chemistry
Downloads: 130
[texts]Notes on Quantum Mechanics - K. Schulten
The following notes introduce Quantum Mechanics at an advanced level addressing students of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. The aim is to put mathematical concepts and techniques like the path integral, algebraic techniques, Lie algebras and representation theory at the readers disposal. For this purpose they attempt to motivate the various physical and mathematical concepts as well as provide detailed derivations and complete sample calculations.pp 400 Lecture Notes ...
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 111
[texts]New Paths Towards Quantum Gravity - Bernhelm Boo�-Bavnbek Giampiero Esposito Matthias Lesch
Contents: Notes on �Quantum Gravity� and Noncommutative Geometry;Quantum Gravity as Sum over Spacetimes; Lectures on Quantization of Gauge Systems; Mathematical Tools for Calculation of the Effective Action in Quantum Gravity; Lectures on Cohomology, T-Duality, and Generalized Geometry; Steps Towards Quantum Gravity and the Practice of Science: Will the Merger of Mathematics and Physics Work?. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID2116 Obtained from http://milne.ruc.dk/~Booss/QuantumGr...
Keywords: Quantum Gravity
Downloads: 86
[texts]Quantum transitions in antiferromagnets and liquid helium-3 - Watson, Brian C.
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 77
[texts]Quantum Physics, Relativity, and Complex Spacetime: Towards a New Synthesis - Gerald Kaiser
The contents of the book are as follows. In chapter 1 the simplest examples of coherent states and time�frequency localization are introduced, including the original �canonical� coherent states, windowed Fourier transforms and wavelet transforms.In chapter 2 a new, algebraic approach to orthonormal bases of wavelets is formulated. In chapter 3 the concept of generalized coherent states based on Lie groups and their homogeneous spaces is reviewed...
Keywords: Quantum Gravity
Downloads: 47
[texts]U(1) X SU(2) X SU(3) quantum gravity successes - Nigel B. Cook
U(1) X SU(2) X SU(3) quantum gravity successes
Keywords: quantum gravity
Downloads: 167
[texts]Quantum electrodynamics - Feynman, Richard Phillips
Keywords: Quantum electrodynamics
Downloads: 246
[texts]Methodes Quantiques: elements de chimie quantique - Bernard Silvi
Contenu: importance de la theorie de la liaison chimique; mecanique quantique des systemes polyelectroniques; La theorie des atomes dans les molecules. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID1696 Obtained from http://www.lct.jussieu.fr/pagesperso/silvi/cours_lcp.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=1696
Keywords: Quantum Chemistry
Downloads: 44
[texts]Quasiclassical and semiclassical formulation of the electron nuclear dynamics theory : a method for molecular dynamical processes - Morales, Jorge Alberto
Keywords: Quantum chemistry
Downloads: 1
[texts]Quantum Mechanics: A graduate level course - Richard Fitzpatrick
Contents: Introduction; Fundamental concepts; Position and momentum; Quantum dynamics; Angular momentum; Approximation methods; Scattering theory. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID2466 Obtained from http://farside.ph.utexas.edu/teaching/qm/389.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=2466
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 63
[texts]Quantum Mechanics - Alex Grob
Contents:1. Introduction � Wave Mechanics 2. Fundamental Concepts of Quantum Mechanics 3. Quantum Dynamics 4. Angular Momentum 5. Approximation Methods 6. Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics 7. Scattering Theory 8. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID1436 Obtained from http://www.uni-ulm.de/theochem/lehre/TheoPhys_QM_script.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=1436
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 225
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBX-MSP Multi Serial Port OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 9
[texts]Quantum Optics and Nonlinear Optics - Dr. Karl-Peter Marzlin
Contents: Maxwell�s Equations and Gauge Fields; Quantum Field Theory of Light - QED; Mode theory and linear optical elements; Quantum Mechanics of Atoms; The two-level model for atoms; Incoherent Interaction and Density Matrix; Photonic band gaps. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID2400 Obtained from http://physics.stfx.ca/~pmarzlin/lectures/phys673-winter07/marzlin-phys673-2007.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=2400
Keywords: Quantum Optics
Downloads: 62
[texts]Light-Matter Interactions and Quantum Optics - Jonathan Keeling
Contents: Quantisation of electromagnetism; Quantum electrodynamics in other gauges; Jaynes Cummings model; Density matrices for 2 level systems; Resonance Fluorescence; Quantum stochastic methods; Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics; Superradiance; The Dicke Model; Lasers and micromasers; Three levels, and coherent control. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID2860 Obtained from http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~jmjk/keeling/teaching/quantum-optics.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=b...
Keywords: Quantum Optics
Downloads: 29
[texts]The quantum theory - Reiche, F. (Fritz), 1883-1969
"Mathematical notes and references": p. 127-180
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 1,084
[texts]Quantum Mechanics - Martin Plenio
Contents: Quantum Mechanics; Mathematical Foundations; Quantum Measurements; Dynamics and Symmetries; Approximation Methods; Quantum Information Processing; Quantum Information Theory. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID1675 Obtained from http://www.lsr.ph.ic.ac.uk/~plenio/lecture.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=1675
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 185
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBC-QBX Universal Multibus Card For QBX Functions OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 12
[texts]The quantum theory; - Reiche, Fritz
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 568
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBX-FST Fail Safe Timer

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 9
[texts]The origin and development of the quantum theory - Planck, Max, 1858-1947
The metadata below describe the original scanning. Follow the "All Files: HTTP" link in the "View the book" box to the left to find XML files that contain more metadata about the original images and the derived formats (OCR results, PDF etc.). See also the What is the directory structure for the texts? FAQ for information about file content and naming conventions.
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 681
[texts]The quantum theory - Reiche, F. (Fritz), 1883-1969
The metadata below describe the original scanning. Follow the "All Files: HTTP" link in the "View the book" box to the left to find XML files that contain more metadata about the original images and the derived formats (OCR results, PDF etc.). See also the What is the directory structure for the texts? FAQ for information about file content and naming conventions.
Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 312
[texts]Quantum Mechanics Concepts And Applications 2nd Ed Nouredine Zettili - zettili
quantum mechanics
Keywords: quantum; zettili
Downloads: 2,963
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBX-FOG-E Hardrware Stack And Non Volatile EEPROM User Manual OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 20
[texts]Quantum Notes - Jed Rembold
Contents: Preliminaries; Classical Mechanics Review; Postulates of QM; Simple Problems in 1 Dimension; Wave Packets; Harmonic Oscillator and Second Quantization; Systems with N Degrees of Freedom; Classical Limit and WKB Approximation; Symmetries; Central Potential; Angular Momentum: Spin; Addition of Angular Momentum; Perturbation Theory ; Scattering; Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: The Dirac Equation; Feynmann Path Integrals...
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 69
[texts]The origin and development of the quantum theory - Planck, Max, 1858-1947

Keywords: Quantum theory
Downloads: 3,200
[texts]Quantum Electronics-QBX-FOG-C Harware Stack And Non Volatile RAM Usermanual OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 9
[movies]MIT 8.04 Quantum Physics I, Spring 2013 - MIT OpenCourseWare
View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/8-04S13Instructor: Allan AdamsThis course covers the experimental basis of quantum physics. It introduces wave mechanics, Schrödinger's equation in a single dimension, and Schrödinger's equation in three dimensions.License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at http://ocw.mit.edu/termsMore courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
Keywords: physics; quantum
Downloads: 3,717
[texts]Quantum Electronics-AN2 Addanextranon-volatilestacktoyourmicroprocessor OCR

Keywords: Quantum Electronics
Downloads: 14
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